Baby Footprint Tile
Receive a free baby footprint tile until the child is 6 months old.

Baby Footprint Tile Baby Footprint Tile

Lisa's Light
Purchase an angel and make a contribution to Lisa's Light by clicking on the image below:

Live far away and visiting from out of town? Bare Ware Pottery will happily ship a piece back to you. Call us for details!

Pottery To-Go
All you have to do is pick up the supplies from our location and have your party, then simply return the pieces to Bare Ware Pottery for glazing and firing.

Lead a busy life? Looking to make something special but just don't have the time in your schedule? Ask us about our commissions.

- Fundraisers
- Schools / Daycares/Youth Groups

- Team Building / Corporate Get-Togethers
Available at any time, even after hours; just call to set up an appointment.


Adult Birthday

Church Group

Military Group

Team Building